Byron Umbles

Profile Updated: October 7, 2008
Byron Umbles
Residing In: Los Angeles, CA USA
Occupation: Sales, Designer Custom Beds/Mattress
Children: Frozen in a tank until 2010

Yes! Attending Reunion

Since, 1983 I left Sedalia went to school in Warrensburg at CMSU for 2 years. Left after my 2ND to Travel with UP With People International. "Represented" in about nine countries. This started my love of travel. Moved to Seattle, after daydreaming about Atlanta. Got a degree at the Art School. Hung out in Seattle for a few years. (my growing years). Moved to Los Angeles in the early 90's. ( I haven't seen snow since 91 in Missouri. Left my gloves at the airport. Don't own a pair to this day. Studied voice with all the famous voice teachers in LA. Didn't become a famous singer.Managed a tea House in Hollywood for two years met some people like Jeremy Piven, Mickey Rooney, George Clooney,Robert Downey Jr.( who wanted to get a job with us serving coffee) Kathy Bates.Quentin Tarantino, Vivica Fox, Demi Moore,George Michael,Angela Basset, Samuel L. Jackson, Barry Manilow( who gave me a copy of sheet music from his vault). Everyone came in except for my favorite singers daughter Ms Natalie Cole (I have since met her many times through a friend) . But wait !!!! So I became star struck for a moment. Made up for all the Partying I didn't do in school. Eventually left LA moved to Miami. Went for broke and ended up broke Ouch ! Stayed for over a year. Hated Hurricanes and Mosquitoes returned to LA. about 3 years ago.

I travel often. I just returned from Costa Rica, which is a favorite place of mine. I am planning a major trip to Rwanda in the coming year. I have been very busy trying to get our next President elected. Please vote everyone. Missouri we need you to vote with your hearts. I have been doing custom Mattresses and bedding. Which has allowed me to see how people really behave and live. I have worked with Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban and Solange Knowles recently (ok enough name dropping )

I have big plans for 09. I am always positive about the future. Its never to late to expand our thinking. Most important is happiness. We loose our way sometimes and forget what makes "us" happy. We have to cherish the happy times and know how blessed we are during these hard times. Ok, so this is all the stuff I would have told you at the reunion. Say Hi ! to my twin sister at the reunion.

School Story:

I really enjoyed our highschool years. I remember New Score with the gang. All the student council meetings. we were all so young and crazy. Hello, to Menefee, C. Young, J. Scott. D.Lusk. Martin J.Carmen P. M. Buckner, Alvina S.Denise J. L. Burlingame.Becky K.

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