Keith Patterson

Profile Updated: August 2, 2008
Keith Patterson
Residing In: Sedalia, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Martha Patterson
Occupation: Regional Sales Manager
Children: Emilee born 1998
Preston born 2001

Yes! Attending Reunion

Living the dream! I have the greatest family! My wife likes me (After 11 years of marriage) and my kids think I'm cool, what else it there?

After SC I went to Smith Cotton West (SFCC)with about half our class (depending on who needed to get their GPA up). Spent a semester in Kirksville with Dean Baker and Mike Mailloux, then ended up at CMSU. I spent some time in the Guard, went to work for the chemical industry at the old Alcolac, (blew up, woops)then relocated to SC (left that one alone). I moved back to Sedalia in '95. Met my darling wife at that time, then a year later got married. I am a salesman for the power industry. For those who remember me as "shy" in high school, I've changed, definetely have the gift to gab. I cover several states here in the midwest.
I have the priveledge in teaching young boys to become men at my church in Royals Ranges. If you ever get the chance, DO IT!

Like I said, Living the dream!!

School Story:

Here are some of the things I remember, now it's been a couple of years so be easy on me.

Playing in the band, orchestra, and pep band, roller skating with a lot of people, Jennifer and Eric to name a few.

Riding in the back of Jack Slocum's pickup to the stadium, with a bunch of us playing "rocky" or something as he drove us over there.

"watching" people throw snow in the cafeteria where the teachers were sitting (I may have held the door once or twice)

Our sophmore teacher talking about her son smoking those "funny smelling" cigarettes (yes, we all knew who that was).

Seems like I remember somebody actually jumping out of the art class window one time, just to aggrigave the teachers.

Actually cruising the strip, and NOT drinking with Dr. Bob till 6 in the morning.

However, I remember giving Mike Mauilloux a nice hang over before his long drive with his family to Indiana.

Watching Dean Roe's nose turn red when he got a little liquored up.

Let's not forget Jim doing a burnout in front of Safeway during morning band practice and donating money to the local police charities.

Me and Raymond Paxton making Mr. Johnston so mad in orchestra, he made us put our trumpets one day.

I remember hitting Donny Knox in the face with a basketball once (gym class), and I thought he was going to kill me, if it wasn't for Floyd Pohl, he probably would have...(thanks Floyd)

One of my best memories is riding to school for the first time with Stacey Burgess (Shaw) for freshman orientation, and thinking how BIG the school was and would we be able to get through it.

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